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Celebrating 35 Years
Thank you for visiting the website of Dr. Gary Snyder and the Alternative Medicine Center. In practice as well as online, Dr. Snyder strives for excellence through innovative patient evaluation, treatment, education and satisfaction.

Here you can explore for yourself many of the tests, treatments and other services we offer clinically, as well as our ever -expanding online services, including home test kits, condition specific protocols and our natural pharmacy. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions. Our friendly staff will be eager to assist you. If necessary, Dr. Snyder will discuss your questions personally.

The Alternative Medicine Center (formerly Clinical Nutrition Center) has been a leader in the field of alternative medicine since 1975. Specializing in Nutritional, Homeopathic and Environmental Medicine, the clinic attracts patients from all over the world.

At the Alternative Medicine Center all patients are evaluated for a variety of possible imbalances including metabolic, allergenic, biochemical, hormonal, gastrointestinal, mercury/vaccine toxicity, total toxic load, nutritional, viral and others.

If you are having health challenges that are not responding, want a qualified second opinion, or are looking for a clinic the whole family can use for their general health needs, please contact us and see what natural, alternative medicine can offer you.

Yours in health,

Dr. Gary Snyder, BA, BS, DC, DNBHE

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The fastest and easiest way to schedule your appointment with the doctor is to contact our Ft. Lauderdale Florida office at (954) 486-4000 or fill out the easy appointment form.

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